Killybegs Golf Society “ The Tour 2013”

The fastest four days of the year have once again gone by. All the preparation that goes into getting ready; cleaning the clubs, counting have you enough (golf) balls in the bag, making sure you have clean t-shirts for each day (in Gillgunn’s case one for every meal). Not to mention the physiological preparation need to with stand four days of constant abuse from your good bubbies and the thought of The White Stick.

 This year’s tour was without one of our main men Marty Mc Ging, who along with Mickie Campbell put the whole thing together. Marty had to help Gary drive the MFV Olgarry to Holland for some summer work, his text bill will be high with all the messages coming and going over the three nights. He did write a two page option on how the tour would shape up for the week and what player should be in which categories for the team competition. He was not far wrong again, safe home young Seadog.

Jimmy Cunningham 1st place on Monday


Ken Byrne teaching Myles a new dance ,

Mozzie tests his new golf balls .


Mark Diver won the Tour Cup for the second time with some of the best golf of his life, holding off Declan Mc Menamin by two points. The two were level starting out on the last day, Mark finished with 34 points to claim victory on the day and the tour.

Full result

1st. Mark Diver, 138 points.

2nd Declan Mc Menamin, 136 points.

3rd Steve Cullen, 125 points.

4th Kevin Byrne, 118 points.

5th Eamon McGuinness, Ken Byrne and Seamus Byrne 117 points.

Our old friend The White stick made the journey again!!!!!!!.              

Last year’s Tour cup winner Patrick Breslin teed off the first day in Castleknock Golf club trying to retain the cup, fresh from a wedding at the weekend and some very very poor golfing form prior to the tour turned the dream into delight for the rest of the lads as Patrick was the first reciptant of the White Stick 2013. Tuesday was the turn of Diarmuid Barry to receive The White Stick, all those long speech on Monday night took their toll on his stamina in Druids Glen. Lastly on Wednesday was the bookies favourite Michael Heraty to get his hands on this famous piece of timber. Our Captain Geoffrey took it home as caretaking for the year (in other words not played for on the last day).

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