Minutes of Killybegs Community Council, 8th January 2014

Playground – An update on playground was given. It is scheduled to be finished in February which all was delighted with, but official opening could be somewhat later as necessary insurance has to be put in place first.

Planning permission for boat park – this to be reapplied for again by Dept of Marine as application was incomplete by them. 

Town lights – reply from Co Council stating that some town lights not working due to flooding. 

Road repairs etc - yellow lines needs replacing and various roads need resurfacing 

Christmas lighting – members commented on how nice the lights were this year. The meeting was informed that lots of bulbs were damaged with storm. A member suggested that with Killybegs being so exposed that rope lighting would probably be more cost effective. 

Tourism committee – As no one was present from tourism sector, this prevented a tourism sub- committee from being formed

LYIT Killybegs – an extract was read from Times promoting School of Tourism

Parking issues – Traders met re parking isssues. They had a plan of action which hopefully would work.

Signage – A new ‘Welcome to Killybegs’ sign has been  erected, other new signs to go up shortly. permission got from Co Council to do so and they are also doing the work.

Fintra beach - The Co Council has been informed of the erosion at Fintra beach as a result of the storms.  Also part of little slipway taken away.

Lough Head - needs cleaning as litter very bad there.

Re Killybegs Hospital – The meeting was informed that a doctor in the Killybegs Community catchment area was very angry as he received no replies to all his correspondence sent to HSE re problems with hospital. Issues re wards closing due to embargo on replacing staff who are sick or retired, reduction on physio and xray hours were discussed. Council informed that Physio appointed wouldn’t come to Killybegs but job advertised again. Also members said we need a commitment that no further beds are lost to long stay patients, as respite etc beds are all needed for this area.  Public meeting being arranged for Mon 13 Jan in Bayview Hotel, re hospital issues to which elected public representatives and HSE members are being invited

Ambulance service – The meeting was informed that one of the ambulance crews in Killybegs has been lost. We were informed that a back up one is meant to arrive when the Killybegs ambulance is on call but we are not sure if this is actually happening.


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