First Two Outing of 2014

The winner of the first outing for 2014 was Arthur Kee with 38 points, he doesn’t do excited but he left his dinner in the fleet Inn to go to the presentation and was delighted with his day. Bridesmaid again was Kevin “Gunner” Gillgunn losing out by one point, but beating Mickie on a break of tie.

Full results,

1.     Arthur Kee (19) 21+17 total 38 points

2.    Kevin Gillgunn (16) 18+19 total 37 points

3.    Michael Campbell (10) 21+16 total 37 points BOT.

4.    Declan Murrin (15) 21+15 total 36 points.

5.    Seamus Byrne (25) 22+14 total 36 points BOT

        Back nine Malachy Murrin (10) 17 points.

        Front Nine Des Mc Gettigan (21) 19 points

Des Mc Fadden Memorial Cup 2014.

  Steve Cullen was the winner of the Des Mc Fadden Memorial Cup for 2014 with a super score of 43 points in Cruit Island. The Waterford native and now long time resident in the area was a popular winner just piping Dominic Mullen by 3 points to the Cup. A new member to the society Enda Murphy was third.

Full results,

1.     Steve Cullen (16) 22+21 total 43 points.

2.    Dominic Mullen (12) 19+21 total 40 points.

3.    Enda Murphy (24) 22+18 total 40 BOT

4.    Malachy Murrin (10) 23+17 total 40 points BOT.

5.    Hughie Moore (13) 22+ 17 total 39 points.

       Back Nine James Mc Guinness (24) 22 points.

       Front nine Michael Heraty (26) 22 points. (he made a bags of the back nine).


The next outing is the Tour 2014 from 12th May to 15th May, four great golf course are on the agenda with over 40 lakes and rivers between them, best of luck lads (sure it’s only a bit of crack!!!!!!)


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