Minutes of Killybegs Community Council Meeting

Minutes of Killybegs Community Council meeting

Playground – an update was given  on play park by the chairperson stating 3 members  met with 2 Co Council officials and gave them a snag list of things they were unhappy with, some problems will be have to be sorted by Community Council. trees and shrubs to be replanted and string lighting to be put up.  The Community Council is responsible for upkeep and chairperson has secured a Fás worker to do this, but we need to buy the tools. It will be insured with BHP and official opening as soon as contractor has works completed. The 3rd Invoice for €48,000 was received. Public liability insurance will increase by €15 to include the Play Park. Pedestrian crossing to be discussed with Co Co official

Boat Park – in regard to Boat Park, all is very positive, second breakwater ready to go in.

WAW – Fáilte Ireland held a meeting re WAW in Tara Hotel which was very well attended including several members from Com Co. We learned that £8m to be spent this year and same next year. Workshops were held to ascertain local hidden gems to be included in brochures. It was a very positive meeting.

Town light – Airtricity contacted re town lights which hadn’t been working and necessary repairs carried out.

Tourism – As there weren’t anyone involved in tourism at the meeting, the forming of a sub committee was deferred. Members said some business people were interested in a tourism committee

Footbridge – Chairperson spoke to two Co Council officials re putting a footbridge over the river which would make the main street easier accessed from Shore Rd. Officials thought this was a good idea and CoCo would provide materials and FÁS workers could do the work, but finance is needed. 

Two members had met Kate Burns in Ardara re funding. She is preparing area based strategies for 'fishing dependent communities' under the EU Axis IV Programme for all of coastal Ireland and 2014-2021 rural development, but was told Killybegs was not entitled to any. This avenue could perhaps be pursued again as we learned from another source that Killybegs should be entitled to a share of this funding.

Parking on Shore Rd – members were concerned re parking on both sides of road on Shore Rd with so many big lorries passing. Main St and Diamond areas have much more free parking spaces since employees are parking elsewhere.

Meeting with Women’s group – Two members met with women’s group re trees they wished to purchase for the town. They asked for ideas to come back to them re location.

Pavement near Niall Mor school – Discussions  ongoing  re putting a pavement from school down by Forester’s Hall.

Tourism College – A letter was sent to Principal of Tourism College for updates.   Members suggested inviting Pat The Cope Gallagher to a meeting to help resolve some of our issues. This turned out to be a positive meeting.

Signage – money received for signage.

Lough Head clean up – The litter warden was spoken to re clean up.  A member feared this litter might be coming from old dump and hoped to get this clean up contracted out by Co Co. Photos of litter to go on Com Co website and to Co Co

Community hospital. As a result of public meeting, representatives from hospital catchment areas have had 4 meetings since and a meeting arranged with Mr John Hayes and Mr Kieran Doherty.

Fintra bridge – We were informed that this will be done whenever funding becomes available. Pressure to be kept on Co Council re this.

 Ambulance Service – instances of delays in ambulance service were made known to the meeting,  and these to be reported. Crews in each area are reduced to one which could result in long delays if that ambulance is out on a call.

Fintra beach – Application in for funding for repairs but no reply received. Marine section will replace lifebuoy.

Water tankers – Various complaints were made about the carrying of water by tankers as water has been splashing out on people. This to be investigated if an alternative route could be used.

Re Tidy Towns – items for 3 year plan ie footbridge over river, screening on shore road, provision of toilets on shore road for cruise ships and boat park, playground, and acquiring signs for Diamond of fish and birds

Auction hall – The chairperson enquired about auction hall and was told that it could be rented

St Patrick’s Day Parade – This was organised by a member with some help as there was no festival committee just now, but he would not be willing to organise the Summer festival.

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