Minutes of the Killybegs Community Council - June 2014

Niamh and John Campbell were congratulated on being elected to Donegal Co Council. John Campbell said there was an apology from Noel Jordan.

Bottle banks – Members suggested that the bottle bank be relocated to Co Council yard as it’s causing litter problems where it is situated just now.

Cleaning at weekends – In reply to a member re cleaning in town at weekends – he was informed that cleaning is done on Sun mornings for summer time after 11 am Mass.

Re birds removing litter from bins, a member said she would get white paint put on bins as before to prevent this happening


Re parking on old GAA practise pitch – On enquiry re parking for beachgoers, meeting was informed that it is permissible to continue doing so and that owner of restaurant intends putting showers and toilets there later. Also he replaced board walk.

Tidy Towns – Result to be known in Sept.

Bark on diamond – Additional bark added to Diamond area by FÁS and to be paid by Community Council.

Retaining chair – A secret ballot was held as Niamh wished to know if members wished her to remain as chairperson. The result was almost unanimous for her to remain.

Application for Axis 4 funding – The chairperson stated that €17,000 Flag funding has been applied for and is fairly confident that it will be granted and when we receive it once that it’s easier to get it again. She said that Killybegs should be the Kinsale of Donegal and need to have it rebranded. She said she met Co Enterprise Board and BIM and they thought this would be a good idea. She said that hopefully we would get capital funding for maritime building. She also said something was needed for children and families between Donegal and Glencolumbkille but we would need to raise some money ourselves and BIM would help out

LYIT – No long term decision has been made yet re Tourism College.  It appears that 2014-2015 is safe.  Thanks are due to the public for sending off letters to HEA, LYIT, Dept of Educ, and politicians in an effort to retain our Tourism college. We were informed that if college is not being retained in Killybegs that it will not be moved to Letterkenny but possibly to Galway or Athlone.  In that case the restaurants and hotels may not get many of the students to return to Co Donegal  to seek employment. It would be in their interest to put pressure on LYIT, DOES, politicians and HEA to retain it in Killybegs.

Boat Park – The meeting was informed that the Dept of Marine had €250,000 to spend between now and end of Dec and that they’re concentrating on driving piles, putting in some pontoons and filling in an area for parking. Toilets and showers will be provided later.

Re providing toilets at weighbridge area – There’s an EU requirement that a 2nd weighbridge to be kept in town.

Playpark – members stated that a pedestrian crossing needed as a priority at playpark.  A figure of €8,800 to be held back in case of problems in playpark. Pruning the big tree was beneficial. 

Killybegs Comm Hospital – members felt our beds should be retained for our own area and that Now Doc should be based there and problem of one ambulance still exists. If one of that team calls in sick, then  the Killybegs ambulance area is without an ambulance for the day as has happened. A meeting of reps from different areas to be called

Fintra Bridge – Fintra bridge is no 1 priority but no funding as yet for it.

Hedgecutters – A member asked when the hedge cutters to come, this to be investigated

Tankers – Tankers taking water for fish farms to be rerouted and the Co said they hoped to pipe the water eventually. 

 A letter to be sent to outgoing Co Councillors and member of European Parliament to thank them for attending meeting and help down the years.


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