Killybegs Man Elected a Trustee of the GAA

In December 2014, during Annual Convention Chairman of the the Killybegs Club John Cunningham requested standing orders be set aside, and move to County Committee so he on behalf of the club could propose Niall Erskine for the position of trustee of the GAA. County Committee ratified Niall as a candidate and informed Croke Park of his nomination,

Niall has from his youth been involved in the Assoc, both as a player and administrator.

He has served the assoc in many roles.

He attended a number of conventions as a delegate for Killybegs before his departure to England, in Newcastle Niall served as the first Chairman and Manager of Newcastle Gaels in the year it was formed and while in London he served as Treasurer,Secretary, and County Board Delegate of Tir Conaill Gaels club.

Niall also served on the London County board as Assist Secretary, Secretary and Central Council Delegate.

Upon his return to Ireland Niall has served Donegal GAA as Central Council Delegate and is entered into his 5th year at convention.

Niall was elected to the National Management Committee of the GAA by his fellow central council delegates in 2013.

Niall was a member of the powerful National Rules advisory committee, Secretary on the GAA project in London and a member of the calendar year club championship proposal.

For KIllybegs GAA , Niall has served as Chairman and currently is the clubs development officer. In these roles Niall has overseen a large underground water harvesting system and a successful Sports Capital Grant application. He is currently overseeing the second stage development of the Club Rooms at Eamonn Byrne Park.

On Saturday 28th of Feb Niall was elected by members of GAA Congress as a Trustee a role which places Niall on the GAA National Management Committee as the rep of Congress and on the National Finance Committee. As one of two Trustees of the GAA, Niall has brought a great Honour to himself, his County and his Club.

Niall was elected on the 3rd count having topped the poll in the race of 6 Candidates to allow their names go forward. Niall was the first of the two trustees elected on the day and will serve in his position for the next 3 years.

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