Des Mc Fadden Cup 2015

The first of this year’s Killybegs Golf Society Majors was won by Charlie Diver. Charlie went into this one with no great expectations of winning having only played once this year. His score of 44 points was great golf with four: 4 point holes. This round will more than likely be his best of the summer and he should be congratulated on it.

Full results as follows,

1st. Charlie Diver (23) 22+22=44 points

2nd. Manus Boyle Snr. (20) 22+19=39 points

3rd. Malachy Murrin (11) 20+17=37 points

4th. Mairtin O Hlarnain (9) 15+20=35points

5.Marty Mc Ging (17) 16+18=34 points

Back nine Sean Cafferty (9) 20 points

Front nine James Mc Guinness (25) 21 points.

Our new Captain Mark Diver was on hand to give out the prizes and say a few words to the lads.

The next stop for the lads is the 30th anniversary Tour to North Carolina USA on the 5th of May. 26 members are flying from Ireland to meet up with 5 members out there for 6 rounds for golf and 2 days shopping (apparently the area has two of the best shopping malls on the east coast of America). Patrick, Marty and Micky have this one planned to the last and I mean the last. I know one Mrs B who will be glad to see the back of this one.

Remember lads for travelling TICKETS, WALLET AND PASSPORT you will get everything else in America.

Check-in Date:

Check-out Date: