Put Your Video Tapes to A Pen Drive Before it's to Late

MiniDV, Hi-8, S-VHS-C, VHS-C and other video tapes transferred to DVD Disk. We copy your home video tapes and video recordings to hard drivees or pendrives

Convert VHS, Hi-8 and MiniDV home and non-copyrighted video tapes to DVD - We convert your video tapes so that they can be viewed using a large TV

A DVD copy of a VHS tape won't be able to improve on the picture quality of the original VHS tape, but with VHS video recorders now obsolete at least making a peendrie copy will mean that precious video memories will remain playable for longer 

Once you’ve selected a method for transferring your old family VHS tapes to pendrive you’ll want to play the tape in the TV There’s no telling what time has done to the tape, and it’s best to make sure the video is in good shape before getting started. It is a time-consuming process, since you have to play the entire tape to record it. There’s no way around it. If you have a 90-minute VHS tape, it’s going to take at least that long to convert it to DVD.
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