Cllr Niamh Kennedy Dear Minister Coveney

Dear Minister Coveney
I am increasingly concerned about the unrest within our coastal communities as we watch these large ships fishing along our coast, extracting the fish in massive quantities when our own small fishermen are not allowed or restricted in earning a living.
We are all aware these supertrawlers caused a major outcry in other Countries, we must do something about this.  Our fishermen are boarded by our Navy on a regular basis, are these large ships boarded, what are they fishing? Also what are their quotas. 
What is the point in sustainable fishing in our areas, preservation of stocks and species when these large foreign vessels can swoop it all up.  What's it all for?
Seriously some form of action should be taken and a statement from the Government in this regard.  I believe from what I am hearing there will be large protests if this is allowed continue.
This cannot be allowed continue, people need to be represented and dealt with in a fair manner, social media and modern technology allows people to become aware and informed
We need leadership and action urgently.
Kind regards, 
Cllr Niamh Kennedy

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