Storm Frank Warning Get Ready in Time

With the national coast guard issuing warnings to all coastal areas of the country, here’s the top 6 things to do to brave Storm Frank and face it down over the next 24 hours. Galway Prom has been completely closed to the public.
Storm Frank is said to be the “worst storm in years” by meteorologist Thomas Kennedy.

Bring all your pets indoors: Ensure all your pets are either extremely safely tucked away from the elements in a secure garage or shed or in your house over the the next 24 hour period.

Check on your neighbours, the infirm and the elderly: Make sure yourself and your family are ready and then proceed to check on your friends and neighbours around you. Ensure all elderly have sufficient heat and supplies to get through the storm.

Check your travel itinerary: Make sure you don’t get caught out waiting for a bus that has been cancelled or a flight that isn’t taking off.

Have a flash light ready and charge all phones right now: 1000s of homes are expected to lose power over the next 24 hours, prepare now.

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