Pringle welcomes the start of 2016 General Election Campaign

Independent TD Thomas Pringle welcomed the announcement of the dissolution of the 31st Dáil and the start of the General Election 2016 campaign saying he looks forward to meeting as many people as possible throughout the Donegal constituency in the weeks to follow.

‘It might be the shortest election campaign in Irish history but it’s been a long time for people in Donegal living under the anti-rural policies of Fine Gael and Labour. My core message to people on the campaign trail will echo what constituents have been telling me all along; that we want a community-centred society with an economy that serves the people, not people serving an economy’ says Pringle.

‘To generate this kind of society I will prioritise political reform by holding a referendum to keep water in public ownership, to enshrine economic, social and cultural rights into our constitution as well as people-initiated referenda. These referenda will start the process of changing the culture of our government placing the interests of the people first, not corporate interests.’

‘The next Dáil must implement rural-friendly policies like broadband roll-out prioritising remote areas, rural-friendly job creation in sectors like biomass alongside a moratorium on wind farming to protect communities. We need to see a restoration of income supports and social welfare payments to combat fuel, food and child poverty rates which have sky-rocketed since FG/Labour made drastic cuts to state services.’

‘People are dealing with greater uncertainty over access to healthcare in Donegal. We can address this by increasing incentives to retain medical staff in the county and by restoring GP supports as part of the development of a primary care model with universal healthcare a central component. I want to see much more resources provided for elderly mental health services, disability supports and all frontline services that were drastically cut by FG/Labour.’

‘Other big concerns for people include access to childcare and educational supports like SNAs and resource hours in schools, greater disability access in public transport and the upgrading of road infrastructure to attract jobs to Donegal. These are all issues I have continuously campaign for and will continue to address if re-elected to the next Dáil.’  

‘Ireland needs to fight harder for our fair share of natural resources at the EU level in relation to fishing quotas. We deserve a fairer share of our natural resources which could in turn create local jobs in Donegal.’

‘It has been an honour to serve as an Independent TD for Donegal since 2011 and with the support of the people of Donegal I will be able to continue to represent the county where I will keep Donegal on the political agenda’ concludes Pringle.

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