Carntullagh Slipway Shortlisted for Marine Development Programme 2016

Confirmation was received this week by Independent TD Thomas Pringle from Donegal County Council that funding has been applied for the Carntullagh slipway in Bruckless, Donegal.

‘Over the last two years, I have been in contact with the Marine and Island Engineer in Donegal County Council to try and secure funding to repair the Carntullagh slipway. The slipway requires a new surface due to cracks appearing in areas rendering it potentially dangerous for those who use it.’

‘I am also happy to report that the project is shortlisted to be carried out under the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine Fishery Harbour and Coastal Infrastructure Development Programme 2016.’

‘I will continue to work on this matter and update residents on any further progress I make in the hope that funding will be secured in the nearer future and that progress will begin as soon as possible,’ concludes Pringle.

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