The burning question: Do you think your vote counts?

Of course it counts. If you don't vote someone else will make your decision for you. I'd spoil a vote if I felt no candidate in my area represented me. It's important to actively register your disaffection. I don't believe voter apathy is the fault of the politicians. Correct voting procedure

  1. Read the instructions at top of Ballot Paper, which state:-
    “Write 1 in the box beside the candidate of your first choice, write 2 in the box beside the candidate of your second choice, and so on”.
  2. There are 16 candidates in the Constituency of Kerry in the 2016 General Election.
  3. Any other marking on your ballot paper may invalidate your vote.
  4. Do not write anything other than your numerical preference on the ballot paper.

The sample ballot paper shown below has a similar layout to the ballot paper that will be used for the General Election.  If the sample ballot paper is not visible below then click the "Read More.." button to see it.    Your preferences should be marked in the boxes at the right hand side of the ballot paper.


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