Looking Forward to The Euros 2016 I Cant Wait Say's Seamus Coleman

For me it feels like the build-up has already began - I cant wait, I missed out on the last one, obviously, so I am excited.  I think about it every day.  To represent your country is a special feelingand to do it at the Euros is even better.  Icant wait and i think we've a good chance of getting out of the group.  You've a lot of hours in the day to think about club football on Friday nights and Saturday I'm concentrating on Everton.  If you have a good result you enjoy it, ifit's bad you're down for a few days.  But there's always time in there to lookforward to them.  I just cant wait for this tournament.  Coleman is one the first names on Martin O'Neill line upbut he claims that neither he, nor any of the more established players in the group are taking anything for granted.  O'Neill has tried his best to give the impression that few places are guaranted in his 23 man squad this summer and Coleman says that has been reflected on training ground all week.  I think we all knew when we met up that this was the start of the build-up.  We all look forward to coming in and if you could have seen traing in the last few days people are trying to impress people are trying to get in the team.

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Check-out Date: