Killybegs Tag-along tours 2016

My wee classic car adventure came to an abrupt end, insurance co would not renew for this year, had no claims, and offered no explanation. So I’m having a go at another gig. Greenlaning is big in UK, the country is full of jeeps that never get off the tarmac. So I take small groups, dont want to congest country roads, max 8 jeeps and take them around the mountain roads, down maghery, up granny, into port, up northside of glen out over a few bog roads and try and fit in silver strand and bunglass in the route.

I’m working on a few more challenging routes, have had a few requests for some HARDCORE routes, believe it or not there are people out there mad for the kind of muck, trouble and hardships we try and avoid!!!! There you go it definitely takes all sorts

We plan on Picnics along the way at the customers discretion, frequent stops for photos and a chat with a few local tall tales thrown in for good measure, nothing like a bit of folklore to make it more interesting for a visitor from the UK. First group were from belfast, Derry and UK. But i have a lot of interest from people from just in the county, craic is good, pace is slow and keep it to no more than 5 hours so nobody gets bored. Will try and talk to some of the hotels in town to see if they are interested in offering rates for groups.

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