Ships and Sun in Killybegs

Wonderful weekend in town with four cruise ships over three days. The sun shone, the visitors were enchanted and local businesses made the most of things.

The 38 local children who made their First Holy Communion on Saturday will also have memories to cherish. Cruise passengers and other visitors to the town had a great time at the Craft Fair in the Bay View Hotel.

Best of luck to the new "Ahoy Café" on the Shore Road, which opened on Thursday and was chock-a-block every day. The large number of sight-seers who come to town on cruise ship days are as important to the local economy as the passengers and it was great to meet people from Sligo, Fermanagh, Tyrone and Derry, as well as from other parts of Donegal.

Anyone interested in such things should note that the MS Boudicca, the largest ship this year with 880 passengers and 330 crew, which visited us on Sunday, will be returning on Thursday, June 2nd, not June 1st, as previously announced. After that, there are eight more visits this season.

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