Cllr Kennedy Welcomes the new Boat Park for Killybegs

At long last and after many years of anticipation the community and visitors alike eagerly await the opening of this wonderful new facility.

This has been one long journey but with the joint efforts of the Killybegs Boat Owners Committee, the previous Community Council and Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine it has finally paid off.

Cllr Kennedy said “ It was quite the battle at times, but it has paid off for the benefit of everyone in the area.  This will be a great boost to the tourism industry and I would express my thanks to the hard working committee who helped get this project to a stage where the Department were under no illusion that this was what the community needed and with the assistance of LEADER funding we were granted €17,000 for a feasibility study.  We then presented this study to both the Department and to Donegal County Council.

The Department thankfully continued with the next stages with our support and they invested in this magnificent piece of public infrastructure.  “I am proud of the work that went into this, many hours of negotiations, talks and debates went into this project but it really is worthwhile and to get the support from the boat owners who will benefit from this we all appreciate this as a success story, not just for the existing boat owners but for the future of marine leisure and tourism into the future”.  We are most definitely on the cruise map and not just for the cruise ships anymore but for all sailors large and small.

The first leg is almost ready with the electricity and the water supply being installed presently, with permission from the Department, boats will be available to berth at this section in the coming weeks.  Piling will start for the second breakwater with the final fingers installed thereafter.  63 berths plus some in a wonderfully safe harbour with provision for swing moorings also.

A great news story for Na Cealla Beaga.



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