The Northwestern Offshore Racing Association (NORA)


Now in it’s fifth year, this event looks set to grow. The event is a mix of fun inshore and offshore coastal races with a regatta-style evening event in each of the three venues. This event brings together the three sailing clubs in the Northwest region and will encourage boats from each club to take active part. Joined together and using the mix of fun racing with some coastal cruising/racing the aim is to encourage visitors from outside the Donegal Bay area to join the event.

  • NORA back in Killybegs for 2016:  The Northwestern Offshore Racing Association (NORA) will this year once more be based in Killybegs for its annual sailing championships, beginning on Thursday, 23 June and finishing on Monday, 26 June.  Competitors from the North West Ireland region will take part, with Sligo and Mullaghmore well represented along with local stalwarts.

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