Welcome Home Seamus Coleman

Pride was not the on everyone’s lips on Monday night when the town turned out en fete to welcome home the captain of the Ireland soccer team, our own Seamus Coleman.  Young people dominated, as was only right, and this was recognised by the hero himself when he said his few words. 

The parade formed up at St. Catherine’s Vocational School about 10.15pm and was led by St. Catherine’s Band to the Diamond, his wife, Rachel, and daughter, Lily, and almost all of Killybegs walked into town .  Malachy Murrin, chairman of St. Catherine’s FC, was there to greet and congratulate him, as was John Cunningham of Killybegs GAA and Eimer Mc Guinness, chair of Killybegs Community Council.  David Gallagher, an athlete with the Atlantic Special Olympics Club, made a presentation, in apperception of Seamus Coleman’s generosity to the Special Olympics team. 

In his introduction, Malachy Murrin said he was proud of Seamus Coleman, proud to be from Killybegs and proud of the local football clubs that produced an international star.  He added, Seamus, you’re a credit to your family, a credit to the parish and a credit to the wider community and an absolute inspiration to all everyone that plays football around Killybegs.

John Cunningham, Killybegs GAA Club, thanked Malachy for inviting him.  Seamus Coleman, he said, was a true quality leader and he showed it though his actions on the pitch.  We hold you in great stead and we’re very, very, proud of you, He said.

Responding, Seamus Coleman thanked his parents and family and the clubs in Killybegs.  Both clubs have made a massive impact on my career.  I couldn’t have asked for two better clubs to bring me through, he said.  It was incredible, he said, to see such a turnout. 

There are 23 players on the Ireland squad, he said, and I can guarantee not one of them came home to the sort of reception I came home to here tonight.  Looking to the future, he added, I’m only 27so maybe I’ll be here aging sometime, maybe with a cup beside me, please God. 

The crowd gave him a rousing three cheers and he went in to the Bay View Hotel for a press conference followed by a meet and greet session with local fans.  More photos in the gallery.

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