Pringle welcomes allocation of Northwest herring quota but calls for prioritisation of small vessels

In response to Deputy Pringle’s question in the Dáil today, Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed confirmed the allocation of a small Northwest herring quota. While welcoming this news, Deputy Pringle stressed the need to prioritise smaller vessels in the future allocation of the herring quota.

“I called on the Minister to have the small quota ring-fenced for smaller vessels and small time fishermen as it would mean a significant amount of income for these fishermen as opposed to marginally impacting on bigger vessels. I requested that regulations would be amended to reflect that” says Pringle.

He also stated that “Minister Creed confirmed a consultation would be needed for any ring-fencing to occur. I hope this will be carried out in the near future with direct consultation with the National Onshore Fisheries Forum and I’m happy the Minister has agreed the NOFF will be part of the process”.

“The Minister will be in Brussels next Monday hoping to progress on this issue and I look forward to hearing of future developments on herring quota allocation for this region however, I will be pushing for the prioritisation of smaller vessels at each stage of consultation and the rolling out of the Northwest herring quota” concludes Pringle.

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