Killybegs Smooth Point Pier Extension, questions answered - CllrNiamh Kennedy

Following on from enquiries made to the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine and from any concerns raised locally regarding dredging, I have received the following information which is welcome.


The project will deliver 120m of additional quay in the vicinity of Smooth Point and will provide sheltered stern on berthing for approximately 8-10 large fishing vessels.


The project will involve the dredging of circ 128,500m3 of silts, gravels and rock in order to provide quayside berthing to a depth of -9.0m to Chart Datum.


Extensive sampling has confirmed that a portion of the surface sediments are contaminated with Zinc, Copper, Cadmium and TBT.  All contaminated sediments will be brought ashore, treated and disposed of to a licenced landfill.


The remaining clean silts and gravels (approx. 94,500m3) will be disposed of to sea subject to licence from the EPA.


No contaminated material will be disposed of at sea.


All rock (approx. 14,000m3) will be brought ashore and stockpiled for use in future construction projects.


The quay wall will be of a similar construction to the existing i.e. steel tubes and sheet piles.


Construction duration is estimated to be 9 months.

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