Delighted with our marks in 2016 Tidy Town's Competition

Delighted with our marks in 2016 Tidy Town's competition. Even though the judging took place on 13th June about a month earlier than last year with a lot of our work etc not completed at the time, we still came up by another massive 13 points this year. No notice is given of judging date and is very often at weekends.

A repeat of last year, the second highest increase out of all the county. Well done everyone who helped out so much to get and maintain Killybegs to a high standard. The adjudicators report will be posted here shortly and, as you will see, they spoke in glowing terms of Killybegs. The Tidy Town's incorporates a lot more than tidiness and litter control eg residential streets and housing areas, approach roads, streets and lanes (of which we have about 20 at least) wildlife/habitats and natural amenities, built environment and streetscape, landscaping and open spaces, community involvement and planning, sustainable waste and resource management.

As far as records go, we only see evidence of Killybegs having entered 10 times during the period of 1958 until present whereas Skerries, who won in one of the categories, have entered since 1959.
Well done Women's group for your great contribution towards Tidy Town's competition - helping with cleanups, the fabulous flower containers around the town and all who maintained them and beautiful trees planted in various areas. We got second highest increase in the county again this year with a massive increase of 13 points, same as last year even though the judging was on 13th June, a month earlier than last year and all our work was not complete. From records, Killybegs has just entered only 10 times since 1958. Thank you from Tidy Town's committee

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