Killybegs Mariners Sac We had an amzing day

Well into Autumn now and new visitors are showing around the deeper marks on the bay. Nipped out for 2 hours after work last night we had 8 species including a few codling and dabs and nice whiting to 31cm and dogs and congers and pouting and poor cod and pollack. Long may this fine spell of weather continue 

We had an amzing day on Donegal Bay a few weeks ago with and the legendary Adrian Molloy skipper. Words cant describe the sights we seen on the bay and the amazing thing is this was all less than half an hour from port. i could see my house in Killybegs whilst fighting a Bluefin tuna on the rod. Leaving Kilcar at 7am we saw our first tuna bust at 7.15am and it was a wow moment as the boat headed in the direction of it. There was a Bluefin expert from Cornwall out with us .

The Tuna busts were getting more and more frequent as we travelled on and then things got crazy with hundreds if not thousands busting all around us in every direction as far as the eye could see and gannets and gulls bombing in for the scraps of the tuna feeding frenzy as the chased the saury bait ball to the surface. At around 2pm the rod slammed over and the reel screamed and panic ensued on our part but Adrian was cool and calm as he gave instructions on what to do and try reel in this mammoth on the end of the line. I fought it for 20 minutes as Gerry put on the harness and he took it for 30 minutes before exhaustion took over and i took it for another 30 minutes as the power of the fish was pulling the stern of the boat around in circles, It wasnt until Adrian said to me "Don't forget to breathe" that i realised i wasn't breathing lol, exhausted again after the fish surfacing about 15 times and emptying the reel each time on big runs so Gerry took over again and after an hour and a half the fish surfaced again and with the iccat tag ready to go before releasing the fish it came off the hook and away.

An amazing experience and all on our own doorstep. Huge Minke whales surfaced beside us and basking sharks and dolphins you would have to wonder were we living a dream. Tuna were up and out of the water all over the bow as they bombed at 40mph to the suary dinners. Tuna have two dorsal fins and they say if the two of them are raised up its full on attack mode and that was happening all over the bay. Kittiwakes and Shearwaters hovered over the giant silver and blue splash as we looked on in awe. As we headed for port the sun shone down huge beams on the dead calm bay and we all knew this was a day we would never forget and it was an absolute privilage to see it thank you Adrian and 

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