Pringle welcomes Bluefin Tuna ‘tag and release’ Research Programme in the NorthWest

Deputy Pringle received confirmation from the Minister for Agriculture after raising the idea of a ‘tag and release’ Bluefin Tuna project over the past number of years, claiming it would be “hugely beneficial for fishermen in the North West region”.

“I am delighted to receive confirmation from the Minister that funds have been made available to allow for Ireland to participate in an Atlantic-wide research programme for Bluefin Tuna” says Pringle.

“A scientific ‘tag and release’ research programme on Bluefin Tuna is already underway in the waters off the North West coast. I’m further delighted to hear that experienced local vessel operators are being commissioned as part of this programme.

“While this is only the start of a long process I’m encouraged by the Minister’s response saying he was hopeful that a gathering of sufficient information coming from this research programme could help build a case to the EU Commission and ICCAT for a future angling catch and release fishery.

“A small quota is all we need. Just 10 tonnes out of the EU’s 22,000 would do wonders for the North West. I will continue to work with the Minister on progressing this further so that the full benefits of a Bluefin Tuna catch and release fishery can be fully realised for Donegal” concludes Pringle.

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