Cllr Niamh Kennedy to meet Minister Ross on Fintra Bridge

Following months of campaigning, Independent County Councillor, Niamh Kennedy, has succeeded in organising a top-level meeting with Minister for Transport, Shane Ross TD to discuss Fintra Bridge. The meeting will take place in the Minster's office on Monday, February 27th.

"There have been some negative voices over the past few months", she said, "but negativity is not what's needed. I believe that every problem has a solution and I have been working towards finding that solution both at County Council level and with the Department."

She added: "Fintra bridge is a critical link for the people in the Kilcar, Carrick and Glencolmcille areas. The pressure on this ancient bridge is increasing every day in light of the increased traffic on the R263 as part of the Wild Atlantic Way."

Cllr Kennedy has campaigned tirelessly for the up-grading of Fintra Bridge, collecting signatures, organising public meetings and raising the matter with Donegal County Council. One effort at a solution would have seen the bridge paired with a bridge in County Antrim for cross-border funding.

"This issue cannot be allowed to continue unresolved", she said. "If Fintra Bridge is damaged or blocked, there is no other road access to Fintra, Kilcar, Carrick and Glencolmcille except by way of Glengesh; a detour of several miles.

"In the event of a fire or other emergency, the time lost could be catastrophic and, of course, then everyone would be focused and, no doubt, a solution would be found. I don't want to wait until something dreadful happens.

"The need is urgent. A way must be found. I am confident and determined that major progress will be made and sooner, rather than later", Cllr Kennedy said.

The meeting will be attended also by other Councillors from the Donegal Metropolitan District and by officials of Donegal County Council.



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