Sitt Rural Transport

Scheduled Routes – This is where a route is agreed with the NTA. There is a definite start and end to the route with agreed stops throughout. A fare has to be agreed and the number of services in a day/week/month/year has to be provided. The actual bus type, size etc. has to be provided to the NTA and any changes has to be submitted. There are a number of actual scheduled service types:

Fixed – set timetable, set bus stops, set fare and set schedule/frequency. Free Travel Pass accepted. Passengers do not have to pre book on the service. Examples: Bus Eireann, Private Operators and a number of Rural Transport services.

Semi flexible – set timetable, set bus stops, set fare, set schedule/frequency but can deviate off the route to collect passengers or change a section of the route to accommodate passengers. Free Travel Pass accepted. Passengers do not have to pre book other than the door to door element. Examples: Rural Transport & Private Operators.

Demand responsive – passengers must pre book a seat on a service and the route is determined by the number of passengers and their location. Free Travel Pass is accepted. This is usually a once a week service Examples: Rural Transport & Private Operators.

Closed – A specific pre-booked transport service with a pre-determined passenger list that is not available for Hail and Ride passengers/general public, has a set fare but Free Travel Pass not accepted. Examples: HSE restricted transport & School transport.

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