Rescue 116 crewmen Ciaran Smith (38) and Paul Ormsby (53) have not yet been located

'It's a living nightmare, we need those boys home now' - sister of missing Rescue 116 crew member as search continues

The family of an Irish Coast Guard member who has been missing for almost three weeks have described the tragedy as "a living nightmare" while appealing for local fishermen to help in bringing their loved ones home.

Rescue 116 crewmen Ciaran Smith (38) and Paul Ormsby (53) have not yet been located since their helicopter collided into Blackrock island off the Mayo coast in the early hours of March 14.

"We do not want anyone to be harmed, injured or god forbid killed in this process. It is absolutely essential that everyone remains safe and we want it done in a coordinated and safe fashion. We want everyone to be kept going and to be kept safe through all of this. We've lost four lives, no more. We don't want anyone else becoming harmed in this. We've had enough now.

"Both families need their men home. The Ormsbys need Paul home and the Smiths need Ciaran home. That's where they belong.

"Huge work and huge effort has gone into this search and rescue operation so far. Again we are eternally grateful to those people for putting their lives on hold for everyone who has been lost here.

"We didn't get the result we were hoping for here yesterday," Ms Smith said.

"We were also hopeful that the two guys would be with the wreckage but there not. So we need to broaden the scope. We need to keep moving forward, keep focused and devise a new plan. The guys who have been involved in the rescue operation so far, and are still involved have been amazing. They've worked nonstop. You can see it in their faces they're exhausted. They've continued to push to try and find Ciaran and Paul. They've had a win already, they found Mark Duffy and brought Dara Fitzpatrick home to her family as well."


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