116 Costal Search

On Saturday the 8th of April the Irish Coast Guard, RNLI, Irish Air Corps, the Irish Naval Service and Civil Defence, boats, aircraft, land search and UAV teams, will be joined by more than 80 civilian vessels to mount one of the largest open water and shoreline searches ever undertaken in the history of the state.

In a combined search effort for the missing Irish Coast Guard Helicopter crewmen, Ciarán Smith and Paul Ormsby, the fleet will conduct an extensive search of the coastline from Co. Mayo to Co. Donegal. The response to the search appeal has been incredibly heart warming.

With so many civilian vessels engaged in search operations safety is the number one consideration. Anyone joining the search should be wearing an appropriate lifejacket, have working VHF communications and distress flares, and have the appropriate training for the vessel they are taking to sea.

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