Ireland Should Honour Tom Crean

101 years ago today 'Skipper' Tom Crean reaches Elephant Island.

From a location they'd named Patience Camp, the crew of Endurance hauled the three lifeboats to after the loss of their expedition ship to the vice like jaws of Antarctic ice.
101 years ago today, the crew of 28 men who'd taken to the boats reached Elephant Island after six days at sea.

Shackleton had taken command of the James Caird and appointed Worsley to command the Dudley Docker whilst he'd appointed Tom Crean to command the Stancombe Wills, as Hudson, who'd originally been charged with skippering the boat wasn't deemed fit enough.

The smallest of the three boats, it proved the most difficult to navigate and so it was no mean task for Crean to have reached the shores of Elephant Island.

It was these three leaders who eventually took charge in the historic and hazardous crossing to South Georgia aboard The James Caird and who made the perilous trek to Stromness over an uncharted and unforgiving landscape in order to rescue their 25 colleagues.

It was to become the greatest survival and rescue story ever documented in maritime history.

Below, Tom Crean's boat, The Stancombe Wills being pulled safely ashore to Elephant Island.

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