Minutes of KillybegsCommunity Council Meeting – 14th June 2017

Minutes of KillybegsCommunity Council Meeting – 14th June 2017


In Attendance:

(14) Eimear Mc Guinness (Chair), Eamon McGuinness (Treasurer), Ann Harvey (Secretary), Conor Conaghan, Ann Conaghan, Kevin Hegarty, Emer Cahill, Patricia Faherty, Jackie Byrne, Shaun Curran, Manus Boyle, John Shine, Ann Brosnan, Mary Melly



(4) Barry O’Hara, Pat Byrne, Celia Magee, Jonathan Gallagher, Nuala Knox


Council Representatives in attendance:

Clr John Campbell



Council Business


·       Eamon Mc Guinness was appointed as the Community Council Treasurer


·       The bank balance at 14-6-17 is €7727.00


·       It was agreed that we would ask Killybegs Online to post minutes of Council Meetings


·       Congratulations to Tidy Towns and the Women’s Group for their outstanding efforts and hard work around the town.  All agreed the town has never looked better.


·       Congratulations to Jackie Byrne and everyone who took part in the 5k walk/run to raise funds for the RNLI, it was a great event on a lovely evening and raised in excess of €1100.00


·       It was agreed to postpone the Public Meeting from July to October 2017


·       Some amendments were made to the Council Constitution by unanimous agreement.  An amended version will be circulated to all members before the next meeting. 


Community Groups and Issues - Reports & Updates



There are some small structural issues appearing in the playground.  Jackie Byrne reported that she has been in touch with Eamon Boyle from the County Council.  Clr Campbell followed this up and hopefully it will be put right shortly.  It was also reported that there will be some painting done by volunteers from the youth drop-in centre.


Hooked Festival

Plans are continuing for the Seafood Festival, we have received additional funding of €500.00 kindly donated by United Fish.  There will be a separate Hooked planning meeting called it the next 2 weeks.


Shore Road Lights

2 Lights are broken at the Shore road Slipway in the town, they were accidentally damaged by a crane early in 2017.  The company who damaged the lights paid over funds to the County Council so they could be replaced but this has not happened.  Clr Campbell agreed to chase this matter up and get an update for the community.


Old Coast Guard Station

This building has been put off limits for community access due to some fire regulations which were breached when changes were made internally by the last tenant.  As the Community effectively paid for this building and there are a number of groups interested in using it, it was decided to approach the Department once again and find out in detail what is causing the fire hazard and what is involved in rectifying these issues.  The Building is large and has good access so it could be of benefit to more than one group as a shared facility.       


Bus Shelter

KCC have received further correspondence from the office of Thomas Pringle TD regarding the town Bus Shelter.  Funding was approved in 2016 however the phone boxes had to be removed by EIR before work could start, this has now been done so hopefully the will get underway soon. 



Community Hospital

€200,000 upgrade funds have been allocated to Killybegs Community Hospital, this will provide new X-ray equipment among other things.  In addition some land has come up for sale at the back of the Community Hospital.  Clr Campbell and Thomas Pringle are to write to the HSE and inquire if this can be purchased and added to the existing Hospital Campus. 


Fintra Bridge

Clr Campbell reported that there is further engagement required on the plans for Fintra Bridge between the DCC Engineers and the Department Engineers.  He stressed the need to keep pressure on the Minister and local representatives because this project is not signed off yet.  There are Technical Engineering issues to be agreed.  Our local Councillors are committed to seeing this project  through but to keep the pressure on it was decided to write a few more letters from the Council.


Diamond Lights

2 Lights have to be replaced on the Diamond and there 3 Flag Poles require repair/replacement. Clr Campbell agreed to talk to DCC about this.


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The next meeting will be held on Wednesday July 12th at 8pm

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