Ship Shape launderette and Dry cleaners Killybegs

In relation to the recent flooding of Bridge street, Ship Shape launderette and Dry cleaners was fortunate to have sustained no damage to premises or stock during the unprecedented event on Wednesday evening. Thankfully, due to the valiant work of the fire service, the business was spared the devastation experienced by other unfortunate properties on the street and we are extremely grateful to all the workers who gave up their time into the early hours of the morning to deal with the unfolding situation. Thanks to Viv and Mary O'Flathery, on hand to help, all the Clothes and garments were removed from harms way and the small bit of water which did enter the building didn't cause any damage. 

Things are very much back to normal again and we are now up to date with our workload following a short delay in the aftermath of the flood. 


The general tidy up which took place the next day facilitated us to take stock of the items in the premises which remain uncollected for a long period of time. There's quite a few duvets, three piece suits and dresses which we have had for a good number of months. If you would like to find out if there is any item or garment of yours uncollected, they are all named and you can call 9731154 to find out if we have anything belonging to you. 

We intend to do a small bit of work to the premises to install some new equipment and it would be preferable if these garments were returned to their owners before Friday the 10th of November to allow us free up space to get the work done. Uncollected items on our books for over 6 months on that date will be donated to the local charity shop to maximise  space in the shop.

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers who have supported us so much during this year of major changes for the business. You have helped to secure our future in killybegs and we are eternally grateful to you all. 

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