Donegal Alzheimer’s Society Swim

Can’t believe its Dec already ... it’s nearly time to brave the cold waters again 😳😳👍 as always we are are appealing for as many swimmers or paddlers 😉 as possible to take part in the swim an if possible collect some sponsorship for our 2 very worthy charities ... this year we have decide to give some of the proceeds to the Donegal Cancer Bus an as Always the Donegal Alzheimer’s Society... which is why the swim started in the first place ... over the years we have raised much needed funds and this year we would love to get more people on board an support the Boxing Day swim ... we will leave sponsorship cards in some of the shops and hotels ... details to follow and if you would like a card please message me !!! And finally, please like an share this post to get the message know to as many as possible.. thank you

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