I Grew UP In Killybegs

I grew up in an amazing place Killybegs
everybody knew everybody and at a time when everyone treated each other like family, Never knew the Christian name of some of my parents friends they were all Mr or Mrs; close friends referred to as Auntie and Uncle. We went outside to play on streets, built dens and jumped in puddles to get mud off our shoes. We went out early morning and had to be home when the street lights came on as we didn't have mobiles. 🌳 We got dirty climbing trees, and had hair wash nights lol we didn't eat fast food🍟🍔....We ate jam butties & crisp butties, sand sandwiches on the beach
home made food and chips cooked in a chip pan 🍛 we got ice cream from the ice cream man if my Mum and Dad were flush🍦.We played football, rounders Nick knack Hide and Seek🙈, Kick the can swing around the lamp post, two balls on the wall , There was no bottled water🍶, we drank 'corporation pop' from a tap. 🚰 If we had a bottled drink we shared the same bottle after giving it a wipe with our mucky sleeves,(watch for the floaters) We had kids tv and pictures on a sat morning. Banana Splits, Champion the wonder horse, Lassie, double deckers 📺 we rode our bikes 🚲 for hours 🕰(if we had one) with no helmets and came off and got gravel rash, we made Go carts or bogies from pram wheels and wood, went picking blackberries, pea picking and conkering and not forgetting bird nesting,nicked apples 🍎
There was no such thing as a mobile phone or any other electronic device 📵. We weren't AFRAID OF ANYTHING. If someone had a fight, that's what it was...a fist fight👊. Kids didn't have guns🔫 or knives 🔪 when I grew up, they had an older brother/sister or friend and they dealt with the bullies. The street lights 💡were your curfew or until someone got hurt or the shout echoed down the street "you're wanted" School was mandatory, We watched our mouths around our elders👴🏼👵🏼 because we knew we'd get a telling off, sent to bed after tea. They were the happiest days of my life !
People say today's kids have everything!!
Well that's not strictly true 😏
We had Everything 👍 and appreciated it !!!
Re-post if you're proud 👉😁 that you came from a close knit community 👭👬👫and will never forget where you came from!

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