The Belarus Appeal lorry will be coming to Killybegs

Belarus Appeal:  The Belarus Appeal lorry will be coming to Killybegs mid to late February, collecting for the Vesnova Orphanage and other orphanages and homes in Belarus.  Killybegs Women's Group is appealing for any of the following items; adult and children's clothes in good condition and clean; shoes (adults and children's, in good condition); bedding, blankets, towels; nappies (adults and children's); nappy creams/wipes; Calpol/Nurofen; toiletries (i.e. soap/shampoos/bubble bath); toys, ONLY soft toys/teddy bears etc., jigsaws, colouring books, crayons/markers; wheelchairs, walking aids, crutches.  Please, NO prams,car seats, walkers, baths, changing units, etc.  NO hard toys or battery operated toys as there are problems getting them through customs.  NO books with English writing (due to language barrier).  Due to lack of storage, we need you to hold on to your donations until 15th February, when items can be dropped at Mooney's old shop between 4-5pm.

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