Minutes of Killybegs Community Council Meeting – 9th May 2018

Minutes of Killybegs Community Council Meeting – 9th May 2018


In Attendance: (14)

Ann Conaghan (Chair), Conor Conaghan (Vice-Chair), Ann Harvey (Secretary), Jackie Byrne, Patricia Faherty, Johnny Gallagher, Kevin Hegarty, Nuala Knox, Seanie McGinley, Betsy Mc Guinness, Geraldine Fox, Marie Muirhead, Barry O’Hara, Dessie O’Keeney

Apologies: (6)

Manus Boyle, Scotlyn Sabean, Emer Cahill, Eamon McGuinness, Eimear McGuinness, Elaine Quinn


Council Representatives in attendance: (1)

Clr Niamh Kennedy


New Business & Updates on outstanding matters:


Plans are going ahead nicely for the Playpark Fund Raiser, namely the Pedal Powered Kids Movie on Sunday the 24th of June at 4pm.  Sponsorship Cards have been circulated along with posters and flyers. There will be a letter to local businesses asking them for advertising sent out shortly.  We are still looking for cyclists so if you are interested in helping you can contact killybegscommunitycouncil@gmail.com

The Playpark Group contacted Eamon Boyle from Donegal County Council about installing a disabled swing, unfortunately there is insufficient space in any one area of the Playpark for that project, However the organisers are going to contact local groups who work with disabled children and see if we can get suggestions for another suitable piece of equipment which could be added to the Playpark.  A lot depends on what funds the group can raise so please support this fund raiser.

It was reported to the Council that some older Children in Vocational School Uniforms are hanging about the Playpark.  The area is designed for smaller Children and much as we love our Teenagers it can be a little intimidating for smaller Kids.  It was decided to approach the Vocational School and ask the Head Teacher to speak to the Classes about the use of communal community areas.



The Hooked Committee gave an update on their progress.  They have been awarded €500.00 from their application to Malin Waters.  A Flag funding application was entered for €1000.00.

The committee approached BIM and asked for their support by providing us with assistance for our Festival.  We hoped they could offer us access to some of the stands and/or information and education kiosks which they use at Seafest in Galway for example.  They refused on the grounds that they do not support any Festival that they do not organise themselves. 

The Committee offered to let BIM take over part of the Hooked Seafood Festival.  We have the framework in place and have local Community help for support.  Again, they refused saying they don’t do that either.  In general the Councils reaction was one of disappointment.  BIM are the State agency responsible for developing the Irish Seafood Industry, we are the Country’s premier fishing port and we would have expected more support from them.

A Hooked Committee Meeting was arranged for Tuesday 15th at 8pm in the Carpet Factory.


Tidy Towns

The group had a clean-up at Lough Head on Monday 23rd of April.  It was well attended and A skip full of rubbish was collected.  More dates will be announced as they are fixed for clean-ups in various areas.

The Women’s Group will be out and about in the next few weeks planting up the flower boxes.  They do an amazing job every year and we look forward to seeing the completed boxes.


Cars, Vans, Mobile Homes and Coaches

We previously reported that the Council wrote to all businesses on Main Street asking their employees to avail of parking spaces away from the Main Street and Diamond areas so access to these spaces could be used by people who want to visit local shops, cafes and hotels.  We estimate that approximately 40 cars are parked in spaces for most of the business day, 9am to 6pm. 

Unfortunately, the letters seem to have had no effect.  The next step is to visit business owners in person and persuade them to ask their staff to park on the Shore Road, Traders Car Park or behind the Cope.  We believe it will help encourage people to stop and use the local facilities.

Cars are still parking illegally across from Physio Eireann’s premises at Atlantic Marine House on the pavement.  If you see this please report it.

The idea of designated parking for Coaches and Mobile Homes was discussed.  Clr Kennedy advised we need to find a space that can be designated for Coach parking.  Some ideas about where we could designate RV parking were discussed.  We believe this will encourage visitors to stay a night and use the local facilities.


Local Information Evening

Following on from our plans to have an evening or day for local groups to showcase their services it was decided to plan this event for the end of September so it can be planned properly and have the best chance of good attendance.  We hope to have complete community involvement from groups that offer people everything from a social outlet to learning new skills, Fitness, Mental health and support groups for anyone suffering from addiction and their families.  If any group is interested in taking part please contact us at killybegscommunitycouncil@gmail.com. 

There are plans to have a newsletter published 4 times a year in which we hope to offer contacts for local groups and facilities, we will keep everyone advised of our progress.  The idea of having Facebook podcasts was also discussed.


Cruise Ship

The next Cruise Ship stopping here will be on Thursday 17th of May



The Bus Shelter

Thomas Pringle announced that the Bus Shelter construction on the Shore Road will go ahead early in June and hopefully be finished by the end of that month.


Local Area Development Plan

Clr Kennedy gave us an update on the plan.  It is coming back for round 2 of Public viewing and consultation next week.  This time it will be on view for 4 weeks.  We will let everyone know when and where they can see it on our Facebook page.



Minutes proposed by: _____Barry O’Hara __________________


Seconded by: ____Jackie Byrne ______________            



The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 13th of June in the Carpet Factory

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