Just a few Killybegs updates; Niamh Mc Gilloway Kennedy


Just a few Killybegs updates; Niamh Mc Gilloway Kennedy

Fintra Beach

The blue flag is now back in place, it was taken down during the roads resurfacing works. Resurfacing now complete, toilets in place, tap fixed and lifegaurds present. The beach has never looked better, bins are on route, volunteers have been cleaning and collecting rubbish regularly a big thanks to the team.

New bottle banks have been ordered, expecting their delivery any day now. The fence at the back of the bottle banks will be repaired in the coming days.

The works will start at St Catherines Vocational school shorty and hopefully before September but that may not be possible at this stage, however, work is imminent.

Works to commence on Church Rd, September/October on drainage and road repair/widening.

The surface works on the main street from the post office area to Centra is booked and we await the contractors, again should be here shortly.

A new scheme is about to launch for Companies who want to sponsor / advertise and maintain roundabouts. Glenlee roundabout would be in this area. Look out in the local papers next week or check out DCC.

Delighted that my suggestion to the environment section of Donegal County Council has been adopted in relation to the public conveniences advertising for businesses to present a sticker on their shop front welcoming people to use their facilities and in turn DCC will help with the service.

The Killybegs local area plan will hopefully be adopted on 23rd July 2018 at full council meeting. There has been a record number of submissions in for Killybegs and I would hope that we can strike a fair and balanced approach in this plan.

I think thats all for now folks.

I knew I forgot something, we had a slight delay in the new housing scheme for Emerald drive, works to commence next Week.

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