The Rotten Island Light October 1st 1838

On this day 180 years ago the light was light on the Harbour light now known as The Rotten Island Light . The light was lit at sunset on the 1st day of October in 1838  in 1910 the fixed light was changed to a fifth order dioptric lens, flashing with a character of one flash every three seconds. This new light was introduced on 13 December 1910.

The station was automated on 7 January 1959 and the dioptric lens with its revolving machine and vaporised paraffin incandescent burner were replaced by a new fourth order cylindric refractor lens. Its mantle light source used dissolved acetylene from a battery of cylinders giving a candlepower of 2,600 white light and 500 in the red sector. This appeared to be worse than the old light and mariners using the harbour complained about the new lens.

The light was converted to electric on 1 February 1963 which increased the candlepower to 13,000 white and 2,600 in the red sector of the light. The character though remained the same, one flash every three seconds. If the electricity supply fails, an automatic changeover to batteries comes into operation and an acetylene standby can be fitted if the battery standby fails.

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