Out & About in Killybegs

Local Counciler Niamh Mc Gilloway Kennedy having a look around fintrs beach at the weekend .

Local men tommy Mooney and Connal Gellespie home from New York for a short holliday having a look around the pier to see the changes .good to have yous home .

Thomas Hegarty keeping the streets of Killybegs in good order fof more years than i can say, Thanks Thomas

A beautiful moonlight night and look who was shooting the moon Ronan Cunningham looking for a moonbeam.

I was heading home when i heard the lafter coming from John Bonner's house i went in and there was Hugh Bonner John Bonner and James Bonner talking about fishing .

The 2 Johns just stroling down to the boat to go to fish on Sunday .

Carmarose SO 555  just coming into Killybegs on Monday

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