“Patrick Gallagher Mooney Boats Ltd” retirement from Mooney Boat Ltd

“Patrick Gallagher Mooney Boats Ltd” Patrick Gallagher looks forward to his retirement from Mooney Boat Ltd which took place on 19th December 2018 after over 50 years of service in the Killybegs Boatyard.

Patrick started to work in the Killybegs Boatyard in July 1968 when it was run by BIM and during his time in the boatyard he served his apprenticeship as a shipwright and then went on to become a foreman in the boatyard with BIM. Patrick seen many transitions during his career in the boatyard with the building of wooden, steel and aluminium vessel.

When the boatyard was taken over by Michael Mooney in 1984 Patrick joined Mooney Boats Ltd and became boatyard manager. Through his time at Mooney Boats Ltd he played a pivotal roll in the building up of the company with his vast knowledge of shipbuilding.

There are very few people today that can say they have worked in the same place for over 50years but Patrick Gallagher can. Mooney Boats Ltd staff and the Mooney family in particular would like to thank Patrick everything he done for the company as an employee but more so as a good friend. We wish Patrick his wife Maura and all the family the very best in the future and please enjoy your retirement as it is well deserved.

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