Reminiscences of Killybegs!

Reminiscences of Killybegs!
To the Editor of the Londonderry Journal
Ballyshannon, July 28, 1842…

“Sir – May I request the use of your columns to trace upon them a few reminiscences of a short tour I enjoyed some winters ago to Killybegs, during the bustle and excitement of its fishery, fraught as they must e to every friend of humanity with so many pleasing associations? Upon me they have made so vivid an impression that they shall always remain green in my memory, and shall never be obliterated from my recollection. To describe the scene I witnessed would be impossible, for the pen of an Irving would not do it justice, and to sketch it will all its varied and magnificent circumstances, would require more than the genius of Salvator Rosa, a Poussin, or a Claude Lorraine. The Bay of Naples, with its amphitheatre of hills, crowned as it is with chateaux, villas, convents and vineyards, to be sure, strikes the spectator with astonishment and admiration; but there art has been gorgeously employed in beautifying the picture. At Killybegs all is the architecture of nature, and the rocks are shaped as they had turrets been in mockery of man’s art, and the mountains of Cronard and Slieveleage are to be seen towering aloft,
‘Soaring to the sky
In all the wild pomp of mountain majesty’ …”

Published in the Derry Journal – Tuesday 9 August 1842

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