A Few Photos Looking Back In Killybegs

Gallagher Bros factory at the hight of the mackrel when there was work for all .

St Catherines Band drummers the learned from the best the had a class sound .

The Atlantic Dawn that was some weekend in killybegs the people came from far and near .

A few changes since then ready to parade down to the diamond .

Were you in the band that day who was beside you it was a great day the diamond was packed with people.

All hard at work in Gallagher Bros with new overals good times and plenty of work .

U 16 Girls do you remember the homecoming and the people that came out to meet yous that was a fun evening .

The Killybegs Seascouts parading down to the pier were you in the seascouts .Well i hope that you enjoyed them few photos more to come later .

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