Government is urged to acknowledge the rights of CE Supervisors as they Strike for Action

Government is urged to acknowledge the rights of CE Supervisors as they Strike for Action
“ T i m e  f o r  t h e  G o v e r n m e n t  t o  h o n o u r  a n  o u t s t a n d i n g  L a b o u r  C o u r t  Agreement  in favour of  CE  Supervisors.”
Cllr Niamh Kennedy,  on behalf of the executive committee of Killybegs Employment Project, a sponsoring committee of a Community Employment Scheme, which covers the areas of Killybegs, Bruckless, Dunkineely, Inver and Ardaghey is asking the Government to prioritise the implementation of the Labour Court Recommendation LCR 19293 which was issued in 2008.
Cllr. Kennedy states that in 2008, the Labour Court recommended that an agreed pension scheme should be introduced for CE Supervisors and Assistant Supervisors.  Successive governments have chosen to ignore the Labour Court Recommendation and the Supervisors are continually fighting for their rights but to no avail.
Having attended a meeting of the South-West Donegal Supervisors Network,  Cllr. Kennedy acknowledges the frustration that is felt among all the CE Supervisors, locally, throughout the County and nationwide about the neglect of any progress with this issue.
Cllr. Kennedy says that “supporting our Supervisors and Assistant Supervisors is vital to the running of Community Employment through the length and breadth of our Country”. She states that we are all aware of the valuable work that is done by these projects in all our communities, the many supports and services that are ongoing because these programmes exist.  “ If these programmes were withdrawn, enormous burdens would be placed on Local Authorities, HSE, Youth Services, Tourism and Local Enterprise which would incur a huge cost to the state.”
Representing Killybegs Employment Project, Cllr. Kennedy says that the fact that this industrial action has to take place 11 years after the Labour Court has made a recommendation is a bad reflection on the Government and it’s regard to the Labour Court.  
Cllr. Kennedy further stated that correspondence we received from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection contained what could be construed as threatening language -  “The Community Development Officer, will also review the funding allocated to your organisation having regard to the industrial action taken.”
All sponsoring committees of these schemes are voluntary, and act for the common good of the communities they live in by supporting the Participants of the projects and the delivery of social services.
First Day of Strike Action is Monday 18th February, at Letterkenny Intreo Offices, Oliver Plunkett Road, from 12 Noon until 2 pm. Everyone, especially those  relying on Community Employment, please come along and show your support.

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