Killybegs Community Council

Killybegs Community Council


Meeting Minutes 13 March 2019


Total attendance 16


Town & Village Renewal Scheme:

Funds are to be split between painting projects, craft shop, potential second shop, and walking trails. Plan to subsidize new shop fronts for some empty units on the Main Street is hampered by the difficulty in gaining access and contacting landlords. DL Co Co should be approached again about the issues of rates being paid out of funding granted by the Council to regenerate the town and about the revaluation for 2020



Meeting representatives from DL Co Co Tourism Unit resulted in the decision to make this year’s event two day with water based events on the 2nd day. Funding promised last year has not been received yet but applications for this year have been submitted. Letter to be sent to Naval Operations to invite a navy ship to attend.


Any Other Business:


Tidy Towns group congratulated on good turnout for first clean-up of 2019.


It was noted the last time a circus came to town the posters which were taped to lampposts were not removed and left a mess which was difficult to clean up. Circus had been asked to take down posters but never made any effort.


Litter remains a problem in town with fast food waste and litter trapped behind fences on the Main Street being a particular eyesore.


Lots of groups and activities are available in town and it was agreed that a combined information source would be valuable.


Meeting closed - next meeting 12th June 2019.



Again if anyone has any questions, comments or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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