“Fintra Bridge is in due process and is a major priority for South Donegal. End of.” Cllr Niamh Ken

“Fintra Bridge is in due process and is a major priority for South Donegal.
Cllr Niamh Kennedy has further defended the rebuilding of Fintra Bridge and shuts down any “political game-playing” once and for all
17-05-19 – Killybegs based Independent Councillor Niamh Kennedy has today released a statement regarding the works at Fintra Bridge in part due to another parliamentary question raised to the Minister for Transport by Pat the Cope Gallagher, Finna Fail regarding the work.  
The bridge has been the topic of much debate recently with candidates in the local area.  The project will link south Donegal area to the Glencolmcille area which is vital to the people of south and south west Donegal.  Cllr Kennedy has spoken on numerous occasions about the works and the progress being made.   
Cllr Kennedy welcomes concern over the bridge and commented, “I’m glad to see the people of south Donegal now see the hard work and dedication it has taken to get the bridge to the stage it is now at.  My frustration lies with previous candidates and new candidates using this positive story to highlight a negativity which is not there.  Yes the bridge is in talks for a number of years; this is a major job and will take time and due process but it has now got to final plans stage with landowners being contacted.  We cannot let certain individuals use this bridge as a political football to highlight their own agenda when trying to get elected.  I have spent years working on this project like many others and I welcome anyone to look through the names of each person in attendance at any meetings, petitions, letters of support or knocking door to door and this will clarify who is jumping on the bandwagon for political reasons and who has a genuine interest in the actual furthering of this project to develop our community.  
Further commentating on the debate Cllr Kennedy says of previous attempts to build negativity around the project, “It’s is also ridiculous to comment that money allocated to one project could be spent somewhere else.  I will repeat my previous analogy.  If €150k of money was granted for a playground in Carrick or Killybegs and the swings were not ready to be installed as it was not at that stage of building yet, would it be welcomed by anyone anywhere that the money should be funnelled to some other project?  
I do not know how previous councillors or the people looking to get elected work but this is not the way that the Donegal County Council or any County Council do things.  Each and every item has due process which needs to be adhered too.  Fintra Bridge is currently in due process and is a major priority to the county council and me. 

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