Congratulations to Danny Byrne from Bruckless who has been elected to Dublin City Council

Congratulations to Danny Byrne from Bruckless who has been elected to Dublin City Council over the weekend. 

Danny was elected in the South East Inner City ward of the constituency of Dublin Bay South. 

This constituency is the former constituency of Garret FitzGerald, Michael McDowell & Lucinda Creighton. 

It may be recalled that Danny was responsible for a report form the Office of the Ombudsman relating to the loss of The MFV Skifjord. 

The MFV Skifjord sunk in a storm close to Burtonport on October 31st 1981.

Danny's Father Francis, his brother Jimmie and 3 crew members were drowned.  

A subsequent scheme to reintroduce tonnage of boats lost st sea was found to be "seriously deficient and flawed" by Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly and a special report was issued to the Oireachtas. This report was sensationally rejected by the Fianna Fail Government of the day and was only implemented last year. 

Speaking to Killybegs online Danny says that late last year he was approached to run in the South East Inner City, and decided to go for it. 

" I had recently qualified as an estate agent was was quite busy with that as well as working part time in The Shelbourne Hotel , as that was my previous job.  

Some said that with a Donegal accent that I would not be elected in what is primarily a working class area of Dublin, however I took a different view knowing that my accent opened more doors than it every closed !

It is an immense honour for me and a challenge that I relish.

Dublin City Council has a budget of 1 billion euro per year and the City Councillors are effectively a board of Directors administering that budget. 

Many people elected forget why they are there once elected, I certainly will not and will be battling tooth and nail for the people that put me there - I am after all their representative. 



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