St Johns Point Dive

Under the watchful eye of St. John’s Pt. lighthouse, which first lit up in 1831, we have made our way up and down the landing steps beneath the lighthouse for years laden with bottles and weights, fins and masks and all the other accoutrements that accompany us as divers.

St. John’s Point is a destination for early season and trainee dives for clubs all over Ireland; the Blue Moon hostel in Dunkineely has become a byword for cheap and cheerful student diving club accommodation ideally located for diving at the point; Donegal Bay Sub Aqua Club schedule their mid week dive as a shore dive at St. John’s Pt. and those of us who regularly dive out of Mullaghmore will often, in good weather, travel the twenty minutes or so across Donegal Bay by RIB to dive at the Point.

Turn left at Dunkineely halfway between Donegal Town and Killybegs, follow the long and winding 1 vehicle-wide road that wends its way southwards along the narrow sliver of land that points like an accusing finger into Donegal Bay.  In strong westerlies watch the whitefoamed rollers breaking on the seaward side of the peninsula and the flat calm on the leeward side (I have dived on the eastern side of the peninsula in a westerly force 8).  Pull into gate entrances as cars approach and wait for the grateful acknowledgement of the single raised index finger.  Cross the narrow causeway with the beach on the left and cattle grids at either end and make your way to the tip of the peninsula.

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