Mass at the Drawer Mass Rock June 2019

Mass at the Drawer Mass Rock Mass was celebrated last Wednesday evening at the Drawer Mass Rock as pilgrims faced the wet terrain and the inclement conditions to attend Mass at a hidden gem of faith nestling in a remote location, echoing the physical and spiritual journey of our ancestors in Penal Times.

There were 27 present at the Mass Rock
a further 11 reciting the rosary at Meehans Mobile kitchen by the roadside, all together afterwards for much appreciated refreshments.

Sincere thanks to all the local families for their help: ODonnells, Meehans, Blaines, Leslies, Gavigans and McGuinnesses. Thanks to John, Mary & Edward who looked after the Readings and the Prayers, to Aiveen, Chloe & Carly for altar serving, Mattie for the photography,

atrick Boyle for looking after the Plaque and the Altar with great care, Patricia our sacristan, Ann in the Parish Office, Ann Marie & team for the refreshments and Dessie OKeeney for transport from the Church.

Thanks to Patricia
Boyle who looked after the Adoration in the Church. The Mass Rocks would have remained undiscovered if it wasnt for Charlie Boyle. Its great to keep their memory aliv. Just a few photos from the evening .

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