This photo was taken on 23rd June 1983

This photo was taken on 23rd June 1983 at the annual bonfire night at emerald (where the astro turf is now) It was a fantastic tradition and probably a great way for the parents to get rid of old furniture etc… There wasn’t a pallet or a tyre safe within a 10 mile radios!. The kids gathered for weeks on end, the planning was meticulous, everyone was given there area by the older ones  and once it started to be build there was nearly 24 hour watch in case the other area’s stole anything..


1. Kathy Mullin 2. Ronan (Begley) Boyle, 3. Karl McNulty, 4. Barry Mullin, 5. Declan McGuinness, 6. Ronan Smith 7. Jason Boyle, 8. Samantha Boyle (Moore), 9. Celine Mooney (McCallig), 10. Kieran Harvey, 11. Tony Harvey, 12. Michelle Baskin (McCallig) 13. Betsy McGuinness, 14. Mairead McCloskey (Gillespie), 15. Imelda McGuinness, 16. Gerard Johnston, 17. Eamon Curran 18. Donal Haughey, 19. John McGuinness, 20. Kevin Byrne, 21. Barry Cunningham, 22. John Cannon, 23. Jason Moore, 24. Malachy Murrin, 25. Declan Haughey, 26. Stephen Boyle, 27. Paul Rowan, 28. Lisa Dorrian, 29. Derek McNulty, 30. Kevin Cunningham, 31. Rhonda Carry, 32. Eileen Boyle (Cunningham) 33. Tracey Boyle (Cannon) 34. Sinead Kelly (O’Donnell), 35 Catherine O’Donnell, 36. Tracey McGuinness (Gallagher), 37. Lorraine McBrearty (Haughey), 38. Lorraine Boyle (McCallig) 39. Caroline Murray (Meehan), 40. Helen O’Donnell, 41. Carmel Gamble (Smith), 42. Gloria Brimson (Johnston)RIP, 43. Malcolm Johnston, 44. Declan Cunningham


Wouldn’t it be fantastic to re-create this picture again in 2020! Here's hoping .

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