Graveyard Mass Killybegs 2019

Graveyard Mass Our sincere gratitude to everyone for their attendance, participation & help with Friday evenings Mass at the Graveyard & Saturday evenings Mass at the Auction Hall, enjoying fine weather for both celebrations. We are grateful to all the Ministers of the Word, Ministers of the Eucharist, Collectors, Gift Bearers, Altar Servers, Maeve McGowan & the Parish Choir, Plunkett & Mattie photographers, Sacristan Patricia OBoyle and Parish Secretary Ann ODonnell.

Both celebrations were
very well attended as we remembered all whose resting place is St Marys Graveyard and adjacent to St Marys Church and also all who were lost at sea, praying also for the protection and welfare of all fishermen and their families.

In preparation for the Graveyard Mass, everyone made a huge effort to care for the graves of their loved ones, and we are grateful to Colin, Ann Marie & participants of Killybegs Community Employment Project for their excellent maintenance work. Thanks to Anthony Murphy for the grass-cutting, Pauric Meehan for looking after the skip, Reynolds of Raphoe for the PA System and all who helped with the chairs & Mass furniture

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