Killybegs Community Council – Minutes 11thSeptember 2019

Killybegs Community Council – Minutes 11thSeptember 2019

The committee looks forward to the opening of The Fish Stop. This year’s Hooked festival was a great success and the fantastic local sponsorship was welcomed. Thanks also to Killybegs Coastguard & RNLI.

The Committee received the following updates.  The barrier at the Fintra Beach access road is to be reinstalled before next summer.  A route has been chosen for the new Fintra Bridge but there is no start date. A new one-way system for Killybegs proposed by Donegal County Council will come up for public consultation soon. A footpath the full length of the Industrial Road is unlikely before high speed broadband infrastructure is in place. The revised plan for the Diamond Regeneration will be available to view by the public in the first week of October.

The following issues require action. Pedestrian crossings at Elwood Terrace and St Catherine’s VS are being ignored by both drivers posing a serious risk of accidents. No lorry is available for rubbish collections in the town which was a particular problem this summer as litter became a huge problem on the Shore Road. Potholes on the Shore Road need to be repaired. Boat trailers parking on the footpath beside the slip are an obstacle for pedestrians even though there are plenty of parking options available.  EPA to be contacted about discharges into the harbour and about smells at the treatment plant and pumping stations. Trucks taking water from the reservoir to the pier are travelling too fast on narrow roads and are a concern to local residents. 

The following events are planned.  Church gate collection on 5th & 6th October for the KCC and on the 14th & 15th December for the Christmas Lights fund.  The Christmas Lights will be switched on at 6pm on the 1stof December.

Follow up:

Potholes on the Shore Road were fixed during September.  The October Church Gate Collection was very successful we are very grateful to all who contributed. Donegal County Council has not published a date for the viewing of the Diamond Regeneration plan or the one-way system.  The EPA sent our query re discharges to Irish Water and their response is that discharges in September were due to heavy rain and that discharge should comprise of storm water primarily and possibly traces of very dilute and screened sewage which should not cause pollution.  We have sent another query re a recent discharge when there was no rain and are awaiting a response. Regarding smells from the treatment plant, occurrences should be reported to Irish Water on 1850 278 278

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